eLearning from Juran

What is eLearning?

eLearning-image-white-space-right.pngAll Juran eLearning is based on our successful live teaching model. We only teach a subject or concept if we know from experience that it works.

What makes our training unique is:

  • Customizable programs can be tailored to best fit your organizational needs
  • Certification options available with 1:1 coaching from a Juran Master Black Belt
  • All programs are available for license
  • Common examples that are easy for anyone to relate to are used to illustrate concepts
  • Interactive quizzes at the end of each new concept to reinforce learning throughout the module
  • Practice sessions on key points and tools
  • Intuitive interfaces, tool kits, mapping, and student guides
  • Ability to learn at your convenience


Learn more

Juran offers eLearning training courses in Lean Six Sigma and Quality by Design in addition to stand-alone courses focused on Auditing, Lean, Project Management, Process Improvement, Root Cause Corrective Action, and Statistics.